EM Fields & Circuits


Characterization, modeling and simulation of ElectroMagnetic Fields, Circuits, and their Interaction.

Three fundamental aspects

  • EM Fields (Electromagnetic Modeling and Applications Group): analytical and numerical mathematical tools for analysis and design of complex two- and three-dimensional electromagnetic structures
  • Circuits and Systems (LiNCS Group): principles and applications of nonlinear dynamics for modeling and understanding complex systems
  • Interaction (Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMC Group): characterization and modeling for prediction of electrical and electromagnetic interactions within and between systems, CAD for EMC and compliance

Funding schemes and know-how transfer

  • Public funding by several institutions, including EU, NATO, MIUR, ESA, regional and local.
  • Private funding, IBM (USA/GE), Intel (USA, Ge), Nokia (FIN), Sorin Biomedical Equipment (IT), EADS/Airbus Co. (FR), Hitachi (Japan).
  • Spin off, IdemWorks (http://www.idemworks.com) founded in 2007, now successful EDA company

Awards and recognitions

  • 1 IEEE Life Fellow, 3 IEEE Fellows, and 3 IEEE Senior Members
  • 1 Member of National Academy of Sciences
  • 1 Past President of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society
  • 1 AdCom member of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society
  • 1 Past Chair of URSI Scientific Commission E (Noise and Interference)
  • Editors-in-Chief of major international journals, present: 1 (Int. J. Circuit Th. Appl.), past: 1 (IEEE Trans. EMC) + 1 (IEEE Trans. CAS-I)
  • Members of editorial boards of major international journals. Present: 7 (Electromagnetics, IEEE Access, IEEE Wireless Propagat. Lett., IEEE Trans. AP, IEEE Trans. EMC, IEEE Trans. CPMT, IEEE Trans. EMC Letters), Past: 7 (IEEE Trans. AP, 2xIEEE Trans. EMC, 2xIEEE Trans. CAS-I, Electromagnetics, J. Cir. Sys. Comput.)
  • Organizing Committee of 2 IEEE sponsored International conferences in Electromagnetics
  • Best paper awards: 4 journal, 5 international conferences
  • Other awards: 3 IBM Shared University Research Grants, 3 IBM Faculty Awards, 1 Intel Research Grant, 1 Richard R. Stoddard Award for Outstanding Performance (IEEE EMC Society), 2 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers


  • One Hardware Research Lab for the characterization of devices, Signal Integrity and EMC, and NL dynamical systems
  • One High Performance Computing Lab: IBM BladeCenter H (112 CPU cores, 240 GB RAM, Infiniband 4X networking, DS3400 storage system)

Research groups