The Automatica area is involved in theoretical and applied research on control engineering, optimization, complex and networked systems, data science, system identification, and robotics.


  • Machine Learning
  • Industrial, Mobile, and Cooperative Robotics
  • Optimization methods, convex optimization and engineering applications
  • Probabilistic methods for design under uncertainty, scenario methods
  • Robust control
  • Modelling and identification of linear, LPV and nonlinear uncertain systems
  • Data-driven design of filters/observers/estimators/controllers for linear and nonlinear systems
  • Virtual sensors
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Prediction of nonlinear time series
  • Sparse and large-scale optimization methods
  • Financial modelling, portfolio allocation
  • Modeling and control of biomedical systems
  • Modelling, optimization and control of complex networked systems
  • Modeling, optimization, and control of sustainable mobility systems
  • Consensus systems and opinion dynamics
  • Distributed control systems

Research groups