Microelectronics Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

This laboratory provides the tools needed for the design and the experimental characterization of analog and mixed-signal circuits. Software tools like Cadence Virtuoso, Spectre, Spice, are available to perform the concept phase and design phase of integrated circuits and electronic modules. A probing stations to perform measurements at the wafer level, an RF probing station for the characterization of multi-chip-modules (MCMs) and a semiautomatic wire bonder for IC and MCM assembly are available. Furthermore, the laboratory is equipped with the instruments needed for the EMC characterization of ICs and electronic modules in accordance with international standards like SAE 1752/3, IEC-61967, IEC-62132, ISO-11452, CISPR 16. 

This laboratory hosts Master and PhD students in Electronics Engineering.

Type Research laboratory
Site Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, -Torino
First floor, room code S4IS08C
Phone +39 011 564 4143
Web site uEMC Laboratory