“Fabio Neri” Telecommunication Laboratories

The “Fabio Neri” laboratories are named after the late Prof. Fabio Neri, who actively worked throughout  his life to improve laboratory activities in our department.

This lab promotes experimental research on computer communication networks, with a particular focus on the Internet, on wired and wireless telecommunication networks, on switching systems and on vehicular communication systems.

The main research activities are:

  • design, implementation and performance analysis of packet switching architectures, based on free software and PC’s
  • design and implementation of dynamic optical networks
  • study of protocols for packet networks on radio and satellite channels
  • implementation of routing and transport protocols in the Internet with QoS guarantees
  • software and hardware tools for Internet traffic analysis
  • network security and privacy
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) systems, using dedicated communication systems (IEEE 802.11p, Wave) or 3G/4G cellular networks
  • Indoor localization: NAVCOM systems, hybrid GNSS + RF ranging cooperative positioning
  • Device-to-device communication using Android®  terminals
  • Compressed sensing
  • Distributed multimedia communications
  • Multimedia forensics and security
  • Computer vision
  • Advanced Line Coding 
Type Research laboratory
Site Corso Montevecchio 71, Torino
First floor
Room A (code S4MB03)
Room B (code S4MB02 and S4MB04)
Room C (code S4MB10)