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Tuesday, July 9th

Understanding the Firearm Ecosystem in the U.S.

10:00 AM - DET "Maxwell" Room, Corso Castelfidardo 42/A, Torino

Speaker: Dr. Maurizio Porfiri, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Overview: The U.S. has the highest firearm homicide and suicide rates among high-income countries, with nearly 50,000 deaths yearly. This talk explores the "firearm ecosystem," examining links between firearm prevalence, state laws, media exposure, and public opinion.

Key Points:
Macroscale (nations and states): Explores causal links between mass shootings, media, and gun prevalence.
Mesoscale (cities): Analyzes gun accessibility and violence, likening firearms to infrastructure.
Microscale (people): Discusses fame-seeking mass shooters and their planning.