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From Bonds to Bands: (Opto-)Electronic Properties of Chalcogenides for Data Storage and Energy Conversion - Wednesday, June 16th 2021, 15:00

Chalcogenides form a vast material class, which comprises compounds with very interesting and diverse chemical and physical properties. They are applicable in a broad range of technologies, such as data storage, energy conversion, infrared detection, high-mobility thin-film transistors and spintronics, and count among their ranks materials with exceptional properties, including superconductors and topological insulators.
The seminar discusses chemical and physical properties of chalcogenides for optical data storage, non-volatile electronic memories and thermoelectric power generation. The correlation between the nature of the chemical bond and opto-electronic and thermoelectric properties is discussed. A treasure map is introduced, which links chemical bonding properties to key performance relevant to applications such as optical data storage or thermoelectric power generation, and allows defining material design rules for specific applications.