Session 1 (14.15-15.00)

  1. "High-Speed Interconnect Models with Stochastic Parameter Variability", Paolo Manfredi, Igor S. Stievano, Flavio G. Canavero (DET - POLITO) Poster
  2. "Electromagnetic Compatibility for Aerospace Systems: Modeling and Testing", Michele Fontana, Igor S. Stievano, Flavio G. Canavero (DET - POLITO) Poster
  3. "HPM: an Interactive Web Service for High-performance Macromodeling of Passive Interconnects", Stefano Grivet-Talocia (DET - POLITO), Alessandro Chinea (IdemWorks s.r.l.), Marco Vallini, Michelangelo Bandinu (IdemWorks s.r.l.) Poster
  4. "Hardware Design Space Exploration From Simulink Models using High-Level Synthesis", L. Lavagno, Shahzad, Parinaz, Mihai (DET-POLITO) Poster
  5. "High Reliability Electronics for Low Cost Satellites", L. Reyneri (DET-POLITO) Poster
  6. "Multiscale modeling of GaN-based LEDs: from green to near-UV", F. Bertazzi, M. Goano, M. Calciati, M. Vallone, G. Ghione (DET-POLITO) Poster
  7. "Advanced Microwave Amplifiers", R. Quaglia, J. Fang, C. Ramella, V. Camarchia, F. Cappelluti, S. Donati Guerrieri, F. Bonani, M. Pirola, G. Ghione (DET-POLITO) Poster
  8. "Analysis of bias- and illumination- dependent behavior of dye-sensitized solar cells through consistent DC and small-signal physics-based modeling", S. Ma, F. Cappelluti, G. Ghione (DET-POLITO) A.Sacco, D. Pugliese, A. Lamberti (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia) E. Tresso (DISAT-POLITO) Poster
  9. "Functional Evaluations", Marco Knaflitz et al. (DET - POLITO) Poster
  10. "Engineering of the Neuromuscular System", Roberto Merletti et al. (DET - POLITO) Poster
  11. "Medical informatics, clinical decision making and HTM", Gabriella Balestra et al. (DET - POLITO) Poster
  12. "iXem Labs: Wireless Networking for Domotics, Industrial, Agricultural and Medical Automation and Large-Scale Communications", Daniele Trinchero et al. (DET - POLITO) Poster
  13. "Radar Meteorology and GNSS Remote Sensing of Atmosphere and Land: environmental monitoring activities at DET", Riccardo Notarpietro, Giovanni Perona, Marco Allegretti, Claudio Lucianaz, Oscar Rorato, Marco Branca, Silvano Bertoldo, Olivier Terzo, Mubasshir Shaikh, Yuekun Pei, Sajid Shah (DET - POLITO) Poster
  14. "Activities on Optical Access Networks in the OptCom Group", Roberto Gaudino, Valter Ferrero (DET - POLITO) Silvio Abrate, S. Straullu (ISMB) Poster
  15. "Energy efficiency in interconnection networks", Andrea Bianco, Mario Casu, Paolo Giaccone, Guido Masera, Li Nanfang, Marco Ricca (DET - POLITO) Poster
  16. "Cooperative Anonymous Localization in Vehicular Networks", F. Malandrino, C. Casetti, C.F. Chiasserini (DET - POLITO) M. Fiore (INSA Lyon, France) R. Sadao Yokoyama (Universidade Sao Paolo, Brazil) C. Borgiattino (DET - POLITO) Poster
  17. "Next generation Terabit optical networks: theory, simulation and experiments", G. Bosco, A. Carena, R. Cigliutti, V. Curri, P. Poggiolini (DET - POLITO) A. Nespola (ISMB) F. Forghieri (Cisco) Poster
  18. "Signal and Labeling Optimization for Non-Linear and Phase Noise Channels", Farbod Kayhan, Guido Montorsi (DET - POLITO) Poster
  19. "Linear and non-linear characterization at microwaves and millimeter-wave frequencies", A. Ferrero, V. Teppati (DET - POLITO) Poster
  20. "Metrology", A. De Marchi (DET - POLITO) Poster