Low-latency high-bandwidth cellular communication channels for cloud robotics in precision agriculture applications

Many human service robotics applications are looking to cloud robotics as a possible paradigm in which robots, seen as remote and autonomous agents, have the possibility to connect to a common network and share information and knowledge they gather from real world on a complex and powerful data infrastructure. Conversely, they (the robots) can also consume data collected by other agents or made available on accessible database and repositories. In this work, we propose a possible management of different services, exploiting the possibilities offered by cloud robotics in a complex scenario (smart city, smart agriculture, search & rescue). A high-level cloud platform manages several unmanned robots (UAVs and UGVs) with the goal of providing support to the end users that require it via a remote connection (web, SSH, VPN, etc.). The robots are used in the operating area while forwarding real-time data and video streaming to the final users, connected to the same cloud platform, that can manage them by remote. These services, which are part of the ICT architecture, can be accessed via web using devices like tablets or smartphones. One of the targets of the proposed cloud architecture is to share a reliable data structure with low communication latencies (4G/5G based), high bandwidth and low implementation costs.


ERC Sector:

  • PE7_1 Control engineering
  • PE7_8 Networks (communication networks, networks of sensors, robots...)
  • PE7_10 Robotics


  • Autonomous robots
  • 5G mobile communication
  • Low latency communication
  • Precision agriculture

Research groups