Medical software

Medical software most of the time are medical devices. They can be used either alone like for example HER or as part of an instrument for example for the acquisition and processing of a signal. The most critical aspects are a correct design to reduce the possibility of adverse events and an extensive testing process to guarantee good functioning.  From the research point of view, we are working on the design of innovative applications.  We are also active in the technology transfer. In the past we developed a methodology for requirement elicitation based on process modeling that now we use to support healthcare facilities that are going to informatize their clinical processes. We are also experienced in the design of the interfaces that are extremely important in meeting the usability requirements. Certification is the final step of the development process of a medical device software that should be complaint to the directive and to the norms specifically developed for it. Finally, we work on the assessment of the informatization process.

ERC Sector:

  • PE7_11 Components and systems for applications
  • LS7_1 Medical engineering and technology
  • LS7_8 Health services, health care research


  • Biomedical informatics
  • Medical information systems
  • Requirement elicitation
  • Process modeling

Research groups