This page has been created in order to inform staff of the Department on companies offering high qualification jobs or internships for students and graduates at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, and on Italian and foreign graduates who intend to recommend themselves to our department, allowing them to indicate occupational aspirations, attitudes, educational or professional experience, any requirements.


The main objective is to facilitate the meeting between the labor demand and supply.


All offers and job applications received by the staff in various ways are shown on this web page. For the demand this allows all interested staff to have information on the openings: the interested professor will contact afterwards directly the contact person for evaluation operations. In case of positive evaluation the professor will inform the manager of the page who will delete the listing. Other way the listings will be maintained for twelve months, after this period of time the listing will be deleted if not updated by the proposer. 
For the offer it allows professors to suggest to their students and recent graduates to contact the interested companies and to inform them of data offered by the companies. The work offers are maintained under the terms established with the companies.