"Mario Costa" Neuronics and Power Electronics Laboratory

Founded in early ‘80s by prof. Pasero, the Neuronica Laboratory has the mission to study and apply the theory of Artificial Neural Networks.

Together to this activity the laboratory studies and builds special sensors for meteorological and environmental applications. The meteorological site of the Politecnico of Torino is handled by neuronica lab.

The strong applicative inclination of the neuronica lab produced in 2004 a spin off, n-lab where 4 engineers, coming from the laboratory, found occupation and received the interest of both public and private investors. Today some of the ideas of the laboratory are patented and n-lab builds and sells these technological devices.

Tipologia Laboratorio di ricerca
Sede Cittadella site, south side building, third floor, room code R3AD22
- Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24
- C.so Castelfidardo 39
Telefono +39 011 090 4065
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Sophisticated electronic instruments and software tools allow the laboratory to study, design, build, test and characterize every type of electronic device. A professional climatic chamber allows to characterize devices in the range -40° C- +180° C. A professional soldering station allows to build SMD and BGA electronic circuits. A professional CAD (mentor graphics+hypersignal) allows to design and simulate electronic circuits. Several prototypes and demonstrators were built and tested inside the lab.