LACE (Antenna and Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory) is intended to offer support for project development and characterization of antennas and other microwave devices for communication systems. LACE has a number of microwave instruments for S parameter measurements and for signal and spectrum analysis. In particular the most powerful and recent instrument are:

  • Agilent 83650L Synthesized Swept-CW Generator, 10 MHz to 50 GHz;
  • Agilent E4446A 3Hz – 44GHz Spectrum Analyzer, with external mixers up to 110GHz;
  • Agilent E8361A 10MHz-67GHz two port Network Analyzer;
  • Agilent-KeySight N5227A 10MHz-67GHz four port Network Analyzer with external  mm-wave port extension 60-90GHz, with two independent internal sources for devices characterization, as mixers, amplifiers,  multichannel devices;
  • Agilent Oscilloscope Infiniium, model DSA91204A, 12 GHz bandwidth, 4 ch., 40 GSa/s.

Moreover, LACE has the following antenna test facilities:

  • a 5 x 5 x 4m anechoic and shielded chamber, lined with 18” absorbers, operating above 700 MHz. Inside the chamber is installed a Spherical Near Field Antenna Test Range, that can be used both for Near and Far Field measurements, at frequencies  700MHz-40GHz,  with 3 axis scan. Antenna matching parameters can be measured inside the chamber too.
  • a 2 x 4 x 2m size anechoic- shielded chamber, lined with 8” absorbers,  operating above 1200 MHz up to 90 GHz,  with 3 axis positioner,  for measurement of gain, far field patterns (amplitude and phase) and antenna matching parameters.
  • an outdoor far field system  with 4 positioners, AZ over EL + roll axis for antenna under test and a source antenna rotator. The system operates with the Antenna Under Test (AUT) in reception, on an elevated range of 150m, mounted at 30m above the ground. The frequency range is up to 50 GHz; extension up to 80 GHz is in progress.
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