Ultra-broadband optical access and short reach networks

Inside the OptCom group (www.optcom.polito.it) and in the framework of the PhotoNext Interdepartmental Center (www.photonext.polito.it) there is a strong focus on ultra-broadband solutions using optical fiber transmission for applications in the area of Optical Access Networks for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and for Short-Reach fiber communications inside data centers and local area networks.   This research is headed by Prof. Roberto Gaudino and involves Prof. Valter Ferrero (for Optical Access) and Prof. Andrea Carena (for Short Reach solution for data centers) and it is carried out both experimentally (in the PhotoNext center) and by simulative works.  Our research on Optical Access Network for FTTH is mostly carried out in collaboration with TIM, and is currently (2018) leading to contribution to international standardization bodies such as ITU-T and FSAN. It is mostly focused on new transmission solutions for achieving  25Gbps (or more) over Passive Optical Networks (PON), the most commonly deployed architectures for FTTH. The activity is also closely linked to the new trends of fronthauling solutions for next-generation 5G mobile networks, that will require a strong integration with fixed ultra-broadband fiber access. Our activities on ultra-high speed transmission over short reach fiber solution is currently (2018) focusing on how to “break the barrier” on how to achieve 100 Gbps (and more) per wavelength, as required by today data center demands.


ERC Sector:

  • PE7_6 Communication technology, high-frequency technology
  • PE7_7 Signal processing
  • PE7_8 Networks (communication networks, networks of sensors, robots...)


  • Fiber optics
  • Optical fiber networks
  • Optical Access Networks
  • Ultra-broadband optical communications

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