Connected autonomous cars

Cars are and will ever be sources of increasing amounts of data.

Thanks to the sensors and the information platform aboard, cars can provide data on the vehicle itself, as well as on the habits, preferences and needs of the driver and passengers.

Given that in Europe the number of passenger cars has reached 40% of the number of inhabitants and the average travel time is 1.3 hours per day, the amount of information available is going to be huge. The availability of such data, combined with connected cars technologies, has a great potential.

Transport can become safer, with a 30% road casualty reduction, vehicle emissions can be cut by 40%, self-driving cars can become massive, daily commuting time can decrease by 20% and the quality of commuters’ daily life can be greatly improved.

his activity thus develops cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research that will empower data analytics for connected car services. Although technologies for connected cars and a number of data analytics tools exist, how to collect and handle the huge amount of data generated by vehicles and to how to effectively exploit it to design effective applications are still open issues. The research aim will therefore be to remove the technological barriers that currently prevent the full exploitation of connected car data.

ERC Sector:

  • PE7_8 Networks (communication networks, networks of sensors, robots...)


  • Mobile communication
  • Mobile learning
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Internet of Things

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