Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits: Semiconductor lasers

Silicon Photonics is a technology platform dedicated to the development of photonic integrated circuits with CMOS compatible processes in the same foundries dedicated to the electronic integrated circuits. This can reduce the manufacturing cost and leads to the development of very compact and low-power consumption photonic IC.

In this frame, we study the important problem of the integration of the laser source that can not be realized in silicon. We develop modeling and design tools for:

  • designing III-V/Si external cavity lasers (hybrid or heterogeneous integration) based on silicon and/or silicon nitride mirrors with passive optical components such as microrings, gratings, couplers etc…
  • studying the dynamics of these external cavity lasers such as the tolerance to the external optical feedback, the ultra-high damping of the relaxation oscillations and the photon-photon resonance
  • designing silicon photonics microring with high Q and low non-linearities
  • studying quantum dot lasers directly grown on silicon with a physics-based drift-diffusion model, that couples the classical drift diffusion model with the rate equations of the quantum dot lasers.

Based on this model we collaborate in the interpretation of the laser degradation processes and in the quantification of the impact of the threading dislocations on the laser performance.

Erc Sector:

  • PE7_3 Simulation engineering and modelling
  • PE7_5 (Micro and nano) electronic, optoelectronic and photonic components
  • PE7_6 Communication technology, high-frequency technology


  • Photonic integrated circuit
  • Diode lasers
  • Silicon photonics
  • Laser diode integration

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