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Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) remain the most common cause of death worldwide, with the 2013 Global Burden of Disease study estimating that CVD caused 17.3 million deaths globally. It accounted for 31.5% of all deaths and 45% of all non-communicable disease deaths, more than twice that caused by cancer, as well as more than all communicable, maternal, neonatal and nutritional disorders combined. This research deals with the implementation of a wearable device,  the ECG WATCH , to monitor people that may suffer from heart pathologies and silent atrial fibrillation. It is a low cost wireless wearable device (size of a watch), which performs on-request a mono-derivation (single-lead) electrocardiogram. The record is then analyzed to clean it from artifacts (e.g. acquisition noise) and the result is shown through a smartphone or Windows app which can, upon user request, share it via mail. In addition, while parsing the ECG record, the algorithm inspects it and generates an alarm in case of a possible atrial fibrillation. Several devices available on the market offer today a cardiofrequency analysis. ECG Watch gives a real time one lead ECG visible othe smartphone display which can be also sent to a cardiological centre by means of an e-mail.


ERC Sector:

  • PE7_7 Signal processing


  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Biomedical electronics
  • Wearable devices
  • Health sensors

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