Unmanned aerial vehicles for smart cities

We are engaged in defining navigation strategies for UAVs in urban environments, based on the minimization of performance and safety factors.  The cooperation with ground vehicles to improve the system performance in monitoring and logistics applications is also under investigation. Considering the advent of 5G technologies, we aim at displacing in the Cloud most of the intelligence needed to achieve operational autonomy of UAVs. Important technological and scientific challenges arise in the field of safe operations with intermittent and unreliable RF communications.  Relevant applications are in the fields of city and infrastructure monitoring, smart deliveries, city security, etc.


ERC Sector:

  • PE7_1 Control engineering
  • PE7_8 Networks (communication networks, networks of sensors, robots...)
  • PE7_10 Robotics


  • Service robots
  • Air Safety
  • Smart Cities
  • Distributed control systems

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