Wearable technologies for sport and medical applications

The field of wearable technologies has shown exponential growth in recent years, also finding applications in sports and for medical purposes.

Smart cloths can extract many vital parameters with different technologies: from light-emitting diodes (LED) for photoplethysmographic measures to conductive textiles (e-textiles) for the acquisition of bioelectric signals. Our research is involved both in innovative strategies to acquire biological signals from wearable technologies, mainly focusing on e-textiles, and in the implementation of advanced signal processing techniques. Electrocardiogram is the main signal of interest.

Our group collaborates with H-Cube s.r.l. (Start-Up and PoliTo Spin-Off; https://h3cube.net/) to develop a smart t-shirt capable of detecting temperature and heart rate, from which the stress state of the user can be estimated in different conditions (e.g., rest or during a sport session).

Erc Sector:

  • PE7_PE7_7 Signal processing
  • LS7_12 Health care, including care for the ageing population


  • Wearable sensors
  • Biomedical signal processing

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