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Associate Professor

Member of Interdepartmental Center (PhotoNext - Centro Interdipartimentale PoliTO sulla Fotonica applicata)

+39 0110904158 / 4158 (DET)

Scientific branch ING-INF/03 - TELECOMUNICAZIONI
(Area 0009 - Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione)
Identifiers ORCID: 0000-0001-7333-5168
Skills and keywords

ERC sectors

PE7_5 - (Micro- and nano-) electronic, optoelectronic and photonic components PE7_6 - Communication systems, wireless technology, high-frequency technology PE7_8 - Networks, e.g. communication networks and nodes, Internet of Things, sensor networks, networks of robots


Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Goal 4: Quality education


Optical communications Optical free space communications Passive optical networks