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Giannini, V.; Rosati, S.; Defeudis, A.; Balestra, G.; Vassallo, L.; Cappello, G.; ... (2020)
Radiomics predicts response of individual HER2-amplified colorectal cancer liver metastases in patients treated with HER2-targeted therapy. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER, vol. 147, pp. 3215-3223. ISSN 0020-7136
Giannini, V.; Defeudis, A.; Rosati, S.; Cappello, G.; Vassallo, L.; Mazzetti, S.; Panic, ... (2020)
Deep learning to segment liver metastases on CT images: Impact on a radiomics method to predict response to chemotherapy. Sta in: 15th IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications, MeMeA 2020, Bari (Italy), 1 June-1 July 2020, pp. 1-5. ISBN: 978-1-7281-5386-5 Download fulltext
Giannini, Valentina; Defeudis, Arianna; Rosati, Samanta; Cappello, Giovanni; Mazzetti, ... (2020)
An innovative radiomics approach to predict response to chemotherapy of liver metastases based on CT images. Sta in: 2020 42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC), Montreal, QC, Canada, 20-24 July 2020, pp. 1339-1342. ISSN 1558-4615. ISBN: 978-1-7281-1990-8 Download fulltext
Panic, Jovana; Defeudis, Arianna; Mazzetti, Simone; Rosati, Samanta; Giannetto, ... (2020)
A Convolutional Neural Network based system for Colorectal cancer segmentation on MRI images. Sta in: 2020 42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC), Montreal, QC, Canada, 20-24 July 2020, pp. 1675-1678. ISSN 1558-4615. ISBN: 978-1-7281-1990-8 Download fulltext
Rosati, S; Gianfreda, Cm; Balestra, G; Giannini, V; Mazzetti, S; Regge, D (2018)
Radiomics to predict response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in rectal cancer: influence of simultaneous feature selection and classifier optimization. Sta in: 2018 IEEE Life Sciences Conference (LSC), Montreal, QC, Canada, 28-30 Oct. 2018, pp. 65-68 Download fulltext
Rosati, S.; Gianfreda, C. M.; Balestra, G.; Martincich, L.; Giannini, V.; Regge, D. (2018)
Correlation based Feature Selection impact on the classification of breast cancer patients response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Sta in: MeMeA 2018, Rome (Italy), 11-13 June 2018, pp. 1-5. ISBN: 978-1-5386-3392-2
Giannini, Valentina; Rosati, Samanta; Castagneri, Cristina; Martincich, Laura; Regge, ... (2018)
Radiomics for pretreatment prediction of pathological response to neoadjuvant therapy using magnetic resonance imaging: Influence of feature selection. Sta in: 15th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, ISBI 2018, Washington (USA), 2018, pp. 285-288. ISSN 1945-8452. ISBN: 9781538636367
Giannini, Valentina; Rosati, Samanta; Regge, D.; Balestra, Gabriella (2017)
Specificity improvement of a CAD system for multiparametric MR prostate cancer using texture features and artificial neural networks. In: HEALTH AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 7, pp. 71-80. ISSN 2190-7188 Download fulltext
Rosati, S.; Giannini, V.; Castagneri, C.; Regge, D.; Balestra, G. (2016)
Dataset homogeneity assessment for a prostate cancer CAD system. Sta in: 11th IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications, MeMeA 2016, Benevento (IT), 15-18 May 2016, pp. 1-7. ISBN: 9781467391726
Giannini, Valentina; Rosati, Samanta; Regge, Daniele; Balestra, Gabriella (2016)
Texture Features and Artificial Neural Networks: A Way to Improve the Specificity of a CAD System for Multiparametric MR Prostate Cancer. Sta in: MEDICON 2016, Paphos, Cyprus, March 31st–April 2nd 2016, pp. 296-301. ISSN 1680-0737. ISBN: 978-3-319-32701-3
Rosati, Samanta; Giannini, Valentina; Mazzetti, S.; Russo, F.; Regge, D.; Balestra, ... (2015)
ChiMerge Discretization Method: Impact on a Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Prostate Cancer in MRI. Sta in: MeMeA 2015, Torino, may 7-9, 2015, pp. 297-301. ISBN: 9781479964765
Giannini, Valentina; Vignati, Anna; De Luca, Massimo; Agliozzo, Silvano; Bert, Alberto; ... (2013)
Registration, lesion detection, and discrimination for breast dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. Sta in: Multimodality Breast Imaging: Diagnosis and Treatment / Ng E. Y. K., Acharya R. U., Rangayyan R.M., Suri J.S., S.L., SPIE, pp. 85-112. ISBN: 9780819492944
Giannini, Valentina (2012)
Computer Aided Diagnosis systems for MR cancer detection. relatore: Filippo Molinari, 24. XXIV, P.: 142 Download fulltext
Vignati, Anna; Giannini, Valentina; De Luca, Massimo; Morra, Lia; Persano, Diego; ... (2011)
Performance of a fully automatic lesion detection system for breast DCE-MRI. In: JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING, vol. 34, pp. 1341-1351. ISSN 1053-1807 Download fulltext
Giannini, Valentina; Vignati, Anna; Morra, Lia; Persano, Diego; Brizzi, Davide; ... (2010)
A fully automatic algorithm for segmentation of the breasts in DCE-MR images. Sta in: 2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC'10, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 31 Aug - 04 Sep 2010, pp. 3146-3149. ISSN 1558-4615. ISBN: 9781424441235
Vignati, Anna; Giannini, Valentina; Persano, Diego; Morra, Lia; Bert, Alberto (2009)
Method and system for the automatic recognition of lesions in a set of breast magnetic resonance images. N. brevetto: EP2386102A1, propr. brevetto: 4 - Soggetti terzi Download fulltext
A fully automatic lesion detection method for DCE-MRI fatsuppressed breast images. Sta in: Spie, Medical Imaging, Orlando, FL, 7-12 February
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