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Criscuolo, Francesca; Ny Hanitra, Ivan; Aiassa, Simone; Taurino, Irene; Oliva, Nicolò; ... (2021)
Wearable multifunctional sweat-sensing system for efficient healthcare monitoring. In: SENSORS AND ACTUATORS. B, CHEMICAL, vol. 328, pp. 129017-129017. ISSN 0925-4005 Download fulltext
Aiassa, Simone; Ny Hanitra, Ivan; Sandri, Gabriele; Totu, Tiberiu; Grassi, Francesco; ... (2021)
Continuous monitoring of propofol in human serum with fouling compensation by support vector classifier. In: BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, vol. 171. ISSN 0956-5663
Terracciano, Rossana; Demarchi, Danilo; Ruo Roch, Massimo; Aiassa, Simone; Pagana, Guido (2021)
Nanomaterials to Fight Cancer: An Overview on Their Multifunctional Exploitability. In: JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 21. ISSN 1533-4880
Richard, I; Schyrr, B; Aiassa, S; Carrara, S; Sorin, F (2021)
All-in-Fiber Electrochemical Sensing. In: ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol. 13, pp. 43356-43363. ISSN 1944-8244 Download fulltext
Aiassa, Simone; Motto Ros, Paolo; Ivan Ny Hanitra, Mandresy; Tunzi, Davide; Martina, ... (2021)
Smart portable pen for continuous monitoring of anaesthetics in human serum with machine learning. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS, vol. 15, pp. 294-302. ISSN 1932-4545 Download fulltext
Aiassa, Simone; Yilmaz, Sinan; Carrara, Sandro; Demarchi, Danilo (2020)
Pencil graphite needle-shaped biosensor for anaesthetic monitoring in human serum. In: 2020 IEEE Sensors, Rotterdam (NLD), October 25-28, 2020, pp. 1-4 Download fulltext
Aiassa, S.; Terracciano, R.; Carrara, S.; Demarchi, D. (2020)
Biosensors for Biomolecular Computing: a Review and Future Perspectives. In: BIONANOSCIENCE, vol. 10, pp. 554-563. ISSN 2191-1630 Download fulltext
Aiassa, Simone; Gonzalez Martinez, Jose David; Demarchi, Danilo; Carrara, Sandro (2020)
New Measurement Method in Drug Sensing by Direct Total-Charge Detection in Voltammetry. In: 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications (MeMeA), Bari (ITA), 1 June-1 July 2020, pp. 1-6. ISBN: 978-1-7281-5386-5 Download fulltext
Tuoheti, Abuduwaili; Aiassa, Simone; Criscuolo, Francesca; Stradolini, Francesca; ... (2020)
New Approach for Making Standard the Development of Biosensing Devices by a Modular Multi-Purpose Design. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOBIOSCIENCE, vol. 19, pp. 339-346. ISSN 1536-1241 Download fulltext
Luca Barbruni, Gian; Motto Ros, Paolo; Aiassa, Simone; Demarchi, Danilo; Carrara, Sandro (2019)
Body Dust: Ultra-Low Power OOK Modulation Circuit for Wireless Data Transmission in Drinkable sub-100μm-sized Biochips. , arXiv Download fulltext
Aiassa, Simone; Grassi, Francesco; Terracciano, Rossana; Carrara, Sandro; Demarchi, ... (2019)
Live Demonstration: Quasi-Digital Portable Pen to Monitor Anaesthetics Delivery. In: 2019 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS), Nara (J), 17-19 October 2019, pp. 1-1. ISBN: 978-1-5090-0617-5 Download fulltext
Aiassa, Simone; Stradolini, Francesca; Tuoheti, Abuduwaili; Carrara, Sandro; Demarchi, ... (2019)
Quasi-Digital Biosensor-Interface for a Portable Pen to Monitor Anaesthetics Delivery. In: 2019 15th Conference on Ph.D Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PRIME), Lausanne, Switzerland, 15-18 July 2019, pp. 265-268. ISBN: 978-1-7281-3549-6 Download fulltext
Aiassa, Simone; Carrara, Sandro; Demarchi, Danilo (2019)
Optimized Sampling Rate for Voltammetry-Based Electrochemical Sensing in Wearable and IoT Applications. In: IEEE SENSORS LETTERS, vol. 3, pp. 1-4. ISSN 2475-1472 Download fulltext
Aiassa, Simone; Motto Ros, Paolo; Masera, Guido; Martina, Maurizio (2018)
A low power architecture for AER event-processing microcontroller. In: 2017 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS), Torino, 19-21 Ottobre 2017, pp. 1-4. ISBN: 978-1-5090-5803-7 Download fulltext
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