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Saglietto, Andrea; Scarsoglio, Stefania; Canova, Daniela; Roatta, Silvestro; Gianotto, ... (2021)
Increased beat-to-beat variability of cerebral microcirculatory perfusion during atrial fibrillation: a near-infrared spectroscopy study. In: EUROPACE, vol. 23, pp. 1219-1226. ISSN 1099-5129 Download fulltext
Gena, Cristina; Bosco, Francesca; Calvo, Andrea; Roatta, Silvestro; Mattutino, Claudio; ... (2021)
Endogenous Cognitive Tasks for Brain-Computer Interface: A Mini-Review and a New Proposal. In: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Computer-Human Interaction Research and Applications, pp. 174-180. ISBN: 978-989-758-538-8 Download fulltext
Saglietto, Andrea; Scarsoglio, Stefania; Canova, Daniela; Roatta, Silvestro; Gianotto, ... (2020)
Insights into cerebral hemodynamics during atrial fibrillation: a noninvasive near-infrared spectroscopy approach. In: 81th SIC National Congress, Rome, Italy, 17-20 December 2019, pp. N12-N12. ISSN 1520-765X Download fulltext
Ferraresi, Carlo; Maffiodo, Daniela; Franco, Walter; Muscolo, Giovanni Gerardo; De ... (2020)
Electro-Pneumatic System for Imparting Controlled Postural Perturbations on Human Subjects. In: I-RIM 3D 2020 Download fulltext
Messere, A; Maffiodo, D; Franco, W; Ferraresi, C; Roatta, S (2018)
Similarities on the permissive role of tissue oxygenation on compression- and contraction-induced hyperaemia. In: Titolo convegno non disponibile, pp. 64-64. ISSN 1537-1891 Download fulltext
Messere, A; Franco, W; Maffiodo, D; Ceravolo, G; Ferraresi, C; Roatta, S (2017)
Tissue oxygenation modulates muscle compression-induced hyperaemia. In: FEPS 2017 Vienna Congress, pp. 222-222. ISSN 1748-1708
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