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Aiassa, Simone; Grassi, Francesco; Terracciano, Rossana; Carrara, Sandro; Demarchi, ... (2019)
Live Demonstration: Quasi-Digital Portable Pen to Monitor Anaesthetics Delivery. Sta in: 2019 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS), Nara (J), 17-19 October 2019, pp. 1-1. ISBN: 978-1-5090-0617-5
Sapienza, Stefano; Motto Ros, Paolo; Guzman, David Alejandro Fernandez; Rossi, Fabio; ... (2018)
On-Line Event-Driven Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Surface Electromyographic Signals. Sta in: 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 2018, Firenze, Italy, 27-30 May 2018, pp. 1-5. ISBN: 9781538648810