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PhD Student
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor (Department of Control and Computer Engineering)

Most recent publications

Valentim, Rodolfo; Drago, Idilio; Trevisan, Martino; Mellia, Marco (2022)
URLGEN – Towards Automatic URL Generation Using GANs. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORK AND SERVICE MANAGEMENT, pp. 1-1. ISSN 1932-4537
Vieira Valentim, Rodolfo; Drago, Idilio; Cerutti, Federico; Mellia, Marco (2022)
AI-based Sound-Squatting Attack Made Possible. In: 2022 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshops (EuroS&PW), Genoa, Italy, 06-10 June 2022, pp. 448-453. ISBN: 978-1-6654-9560-8
Valentim, Rodolfo; Drago, Idilio; Trevisan, Martino; Cerutti, Federico; Mellia, Marco (2021)
Augmenting phishing squatting detection with GANs. In: ACM CoNEXT 2021 - International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies, Virtual Event Germany, 7 December 2021, pp. 3-4. ISBN: 9781450391337
Valentim, Rodolfo Vieira; Comarela, Giovanni; Park, Souneil; Sáez-Trumper, Diego (2021)
Tracking Knowledge Propagation Across Wikipedia Languages. In: Fifteenth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, virtuale, June 7-10, 2021, pp. 1046-1052. ISBN: 978-1-57735-869-5
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