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Liu, Minzhou; Xie, Yan-Zhao; Dong, Ning; Wang, Zong-Yang; Yang, Yi-Fan (2022)
Numerical Analysis of Nonuniform Geoelectric Field Impacts on Geomagnetic Induction in Pipeline Networks. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY, pp. 1-11. ISSN 0018-9375
Chen, Yuhao; Xie, Yanzhao; Liu, Minzhou; Wang, Zong-yang; Liu, Qing; Qiu, Aici (2022)
Geomagnetically Induced Current Calculation of High Voltage Power System with Long Transmission Lines using Kriging Method. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER DELIVERY, vol. 37, pp. 650-657. ISSN 0885-8977
Liu, Minzhou; Xie, Yanzhao; Chen, Yuhao; Liu, Qing (2020)
Modeling the 10,000-Year Geomagnetic Disturbance Scenarios Based on Extreme Value Analysis. In: IEEE LETTERS ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY PRACTICE AND APPLICATIONS, vol. 2, pp. 156-160. ISSN 2637-6423
Liu, Qing; Xie, Yanzhao; Dong, Ning; Chen, Yuhao; Liu, Minzhou; Li, Quan (2020)
Uncertainty Quantification of Geo-Magnetically Induced Currents in UHV Power Grid. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY, vol. 62, pp. 258-265. ISSN 0018-9375
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