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Sviridov, German; Beliard, Cedric; Bianco, Andrea; Giaccone, Paolo; Rossi, Dario (In stampa)
Removing human players from the loop: AI-assisted assessment of Gaming QoE. Sta in: INFOCOM Workshop on Network Intelligence - Learning and Optimizing Future Networks, Toronto, Canada, July 2020 Download fulltext
Sviridov, German; Bonola, Marco; Tulumello, Angelo; Giaccone, Paolo; Bianco, Andrea; ... (In stampa)
LOcAl DEcisions on Replicated States (LOADER) in programmable dataplanes: Programming abstraction and experimental evaluation. In: COMPUTER NETWORKS. ISSN 1389-1286 Download fulltext
SVIRIDOV, GERMAN; Beliard, Cedric; Simon, Gwendal; BIANCO, ANDREA; GIACCONE, PAOLO; ... (In stampa)
Leveraging AI players for QoE estimation in cloud gaming. Sta in: IEEE INFOCOM 2020 - Demo Session, Toronto (Canada), July 2020 Download fulltext
Muqaddas, Abubakar Siddique; Sviridov, German; Giaccone, Paolo; Bianco, Andrea (2020)
Optimal state replication in stateful data planes. In: IEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 38, pp. 1388-1400. ISSN 0733-8716 Download fulltext
Chiasserini, Carla Fabiana; Giaccone, Paolo; Malnati, Giovanni; Macagno, Michele; ... (2020)
Blockchain-based Mobility Verification of Connected Cars. Sta in: IEEE CCNC 2019, Las Vegas (USA), January 2019 Download fulltext
Low-complexity Flow Scheduling for Commodity Switches in Data Center Networks. Sta in: 2019 GLOBECOM - IEEE Global Communications Conference, Waikoloa, HI, USA, Dec. 2019. ISBN: 978-1-7281-0962-6 Download fulltext
Sviridov, German; Bonola, Marco; Tulumello, Angelo; Giaccone, Paolo; Bianco, Andrea; ... (2018)
LODGE: LOcal Decisions on Global statEs in programmable data planes. Sta in: IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization and Workshops (NetSoft), Montreal, Canada, 2018, pp. 28-36. ISBN: 9781538646335 Download fulltext
Sviridov, German; Bianco, Andrea; Giaccone, Paolo (2018)
To sync or not to sync: why asynchronous traffic control is good enough for your data center. Sta in: IEEE Globecom, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dec. 2018. ISBN: 978-1-5386-4727-1 Download fulltext
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