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Salvi, Massimo; Branciforti, Francesco; Veronese, Federica; Zavattaro, Elisa; Tarantino, ... (2022)
DermoCC-GAN: A new approach for standardizing dermatological images using generative adversarial networks. In: COMPUTER METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN BIOMEDICINE, vol. 225. ISSN 0169-2607
Veronese, Federica; Tarantino, Vanessa; Zavattaro, Elisa; Biacchi, Francesca; Airoldi, ... (2022)
Teledermoscopy in the Diagnosis of Melanocytic and Non-Melanocytic Skin Lesions: NurugoTM Derma Smartphone Microscope as a Possible New Tool in Daily Clinical Practice. In: DIAGNOSTICS, vol. 12. ISSN 2075-4418
Veronese, Federica; Branciforti, Francesco; Zavattaro, Elisa; Tarantino, Vanessa; ... (2021)
The Role in Teledermoscopy of an Inexpensive and Easy-to-Use Smartphone Device for the Classification of Three Types of Skin Lesions Using Convolutional Neural Networks. In: DIAGNOSTICS, vol. 11, pp. 451-463. ISSN 2075-4418
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