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Pugliese, Diego; Bella, Federico; Cauda, Valentina Alice; Lamberti, Andrea; Sacco, ... (2013)
A Chemometric Approach for the Sensitization Procedure of ZnO Flowerlike Microstructures for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. In: ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol. 5, pp. 11288-11295. ISSN 1944-8244
Pugliese, Diego; Lamberti, Andrea; Bella, Federico; Sacco, Adriano; Bianco, Stefano; ... (2014)
TiO2 nanotubes as flexible photoanode for back-illuminated dye-sensitized solar cells with hemi-squaraine organic dye and iodine-free transparent electrolyte. In: ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, vol. 15, pp. 3715-3722. ISSN 1566-1199
Boetti, NADIA GIOVANNA; Scarpignato, GERARDO CRISTIAN; Lousteau, Joris; Pugliese, Diego; ... (2015)
High concentration Yb-Er co-doped phosphate glass for optical fiber amplification. In: JOURNAL OF OPTICS, vol. 17. ISSN 2040-8978
Pugliese, Diego; Boetti, NADIA GIOVANNA; Lousteau, J.; CECI GINISTRELLI, Edoardo; ... (2016)
Concentration quenching in an Er-doped phosphate glass for compact optical lasers and amplifiers. In: JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, vol. 657, pp. 678-683. ISSN 0925-8388
CECI GINISTRELLI, Edoardo; Pugliese, Diego; Boetti, NADIA GIOVANNA; Novajra, Giorgia; ... (2016)
Novel biocompatible and resorbable UV-transparent phosphate glass based optical fiber. In: OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS, vol. 6, pp. 2040-2051. ISSN 2159-3930
CECI GINISTRELLI, Edoardo; Pontremoli, Carlotta; Pugliese, Diego; Barbero, Nadia; ... (2017)
Drug release kinetics from biodegradable UV-transparent hollow calcium-phosphate glass fibers. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, vol. 191, pp. 116-118. ISSN 0167-577X
LOPEZ ISCOA, Pablo; Petit, Laeticia; Massera, Jonathan; Janner, DAVIDE LUCA; Boetti, ... (2017)
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LOPEZ ISCOA, Pablo; Salminen, Turkka; Hakkarainen, Teemu; Petit, Laeticia; Janner, ... (2017)
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CECI GINISTRELLI, Edoardo; Smith, Callum; Pugliese, Diego; Lousteau, Joris; Boetti, ... (2017)
Nd-doped phosphate glass cane laser: From materials fabrication to power scaling tests. In: JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, vol. 722, pp. 599-605. ISSN 0925-8388
Boetti, Nadia; Pugliese, Diego; Ceci-Ginistrelli, Edoardo; Lousteau, Joris; Janner, ... (2017)
Highly Doped Phosphate Glass Fibers for Compact Lasers and Amplifiers: A Review. In: APPLIED SCIENCES, vol. 7, pp. 129501-129518. ISSN 2076-3417
Di Sieno, Laura; Boetti, NADIA GIOVANNA; Mora, Alberto Dalla; Pugliese, Diego; Farina, ... (2018)
Towards the use of bioresorbable fibers in time-domain diffuse optics. In: JOURNAL OF BIOPHOTONICS, vol. 11, pp. 1-11. ISSN 1864-063X
Lopez-Iscoa, Pablo; Pugliese, Diego; Boetti, Nadia; Janner, Davide; Baldi, Giovanni; ... (2018)
Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Property Relationships of Er3+-Doped TiO2 Luminescent Particles Synthesized by Sol-Gel. In: NANOMATERIALS, vol. 8, pp. 201-214. ISSN 2079-4991
Pugliese, D.; Konstantaki, M.; Konidakis, I.; Ceci-Ginistrelli, E.; Boetti, N. G.; ... (2018)
Bioresorbable optical fiber Bragg gratings. In: OPTICS LETTERS, vol. 43, pp. 671-674. ISSN 0146-9592
Milanese, Daniel; Lousteau, Joris; Zhu, Xiushan; Chavez-Pirson, Arturo; Pugliese, Diego; ... (2018)
Nonsilica Oxide Glass Fiber Laser Sources: Part I. In: Advances in Glass Science and Technology / S.N., S.L., IntechOpen, pp. 93-121. ISBN: 978-1-78923-176-2
Zhu, Xiushan; Chavez-Pirson, Arturo; Milanese, Daniel; Lousteau, Joris; Boetti, Nadia ... (2018)
Nonsilica Oxide Glass Fiber Laser Sources: Part II. In: Advances in Glass Science and Technology / S.N., S.L., IntechOpen, pp. 123-150. ISBN: 978-1-78923-176-2
Milanese, Daniel; Janner, Davide; Pugliese, Diego; Boetti, NADIA GIOVANNA; ... (2018)
Fibra ottica bioriassorbibile microstrutturata per il rilascio di fluidi, in particolare farmaci, e la trasmissione di luce. N. brevetto: 102018000021559, propr. brevetto: 3 - Politecn. di Torino et al
Lopez-Iscoa, Pablo; Ojha, Nirajan; Aryal, Ujjwal; Pugliese, Diego; Boetti, Nadia G.; ... (2019)
Spectroscopic properties of Er3+-doped particles-containing phosphate glasses fabricated using the direct doping method. In: MATERIALS, vol. 12. ISSN 1996-1944
Sglavo, VINCENZO MARIA; Pugliese, Diego; Sartori, Francesco; Boetti, Nadia G.; ... (2019)
Mechanical properties of resorbable calcium-phosphate glass optical fiber and capillaries. In: JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, vol. 778, pp. 410-417. ISSN 0925-8388
Theodosiou, A.; Pugliese, D.; Ceci-Ginistrelli, E.; Boetti, N. G.; Janner, D.; Milanese, ... (2019)
Femtosecond Laser Written Plane-by-Plane Bragg Grating Sensors in Bioresorbable Phosphate Optical Fibres. In: JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, vol. 37, pp. 2363-2369. ISSN 0733-8724
Podrazký, Ondrej; Peterka, Pavel; Kašík, Ivan; Vytykácová, Sona; Proboštová, Jana; ... (2019)
In vivo testing of a bioresorbable phosphate-based optical fiber. In: JOURNAL OF BIOPHOTONICS. ISSN 1864-063X
Lopez-Iscoa, P.; Ojha, N.; Pugliese, D.; Mishra, A.; Gumenyuk, R.; Boetti, N. G.; ... (2019)
Design, processing, and characterization of an optical core-bioactive clad phosphate fiber for biomedical applications. In: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, vol. 102, pp. 6882-6892. ISSN 0002-7820
Pugliese, Diego; Gobber, Federico Simone; Forno, Ilaria; Milanese, Daniel; Actis Grande, ... (2020)
Design and Manufacturing of a Nd-Doped Phosphate Glass-Based Jewel. In: MATERIALS, vol. 13. ISSN 1996-1944
Boetti, N. G.; Ishaaya, A.; Guina, M.; Janner, D.; Milanese, D.; Pugliese, D.; ... (2020)
Compact Eye-Safe LIDAR Source for Airborne Laser Scanning – The CALIBER Project. In: Advanced Technologies for Security Applications / S.N., S.L., Springer, pp. 175-183. ISBN: 978-94-024-2020-3
Gallichi-Nottiani, Duccio; Pugliese, D.; Boetti, NADIA GIOVANNA; Milanese, D.; Janner, D. (2020)
Toward the fabrication of extruded microstructured bioresorbable phosphate glass optical fibers. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED GLASS SCIENCE, vol. 11, pp. 632-640. ISSN 2041-1286
Moschovitz, Omri; Boetti, Nadia G.; Pugliese, Diego; Gallichi-Nottiani, Duccio; ... (2020)
Characterization of sub-nanosecond pulsed laser amplification with Er:Yb co-doped phosphate glass fibers. In: OPTICS LETTERS, vol. 45, pp. 5291-5294. ISSN 0146-9592
Balliu, Enkeleda; Boetti, NADIA GIOVANNA; Pugliese, Diego; Lousteau, Joris; Engholm, M.; ... (2020)
Single-frequency, pulsed Yb3+-doped multicomponent phosphate power fiber amplifier. In: JOURNAL OF OPTICS, vol. 22. ISSN 2040-8978
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