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S Ulset, Marit; Bardalen, Eivind; Pepe, Carlo; Filippo, Roberto; Rajteri, Mauro; ... (2022)
Dual-mode room temperature self-calibrating photodiodes approaching cryogenic radiometer uncertainty. In: METROLOGIA, vol. 59. ISSN 1681-7575
Xu, X.; Rajteri, M.; Li, J.; Zhang, S.; Pepe, C.; Chen, J.; Gao, H.; Li, Q.; Li, W.; Li, ... (2022)
Investigation of Ti/Au Transition-Edge Sensors for Single-Photon Detection. In: JOURNAL OF LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS. ISSN 1573-7357
Xu, Xiaolong; Rajteri, Mauro; Li, Jinjin; Zhang, Shuo; Monticone, Eugenio; Chen, Jian; ... (2022)
Investigation of the Superconducting Ti/PdAu Bilayer Films for Transition Edge Sensors. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, vol. 32. ISSN 1051-8223
Garrone, Hobey; Pepe, Carlo; Reineri, Alessandro; Monticone, Eugenio; Filippo, Roberto; ... (2022)
Simulation software for transition-edge sensor performance prediction. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, vol. 32, pp. 1-6. ISSN 1051-8223
Koybasi, Ozhan; Nordseth, ├śrnulf; Tran, Trinh; Povoli, Marco; Rajteri, Mauro; Pepe, ... (2021)
High Performance Predictable Quantum Efficient Detector Based on Induced-Junction Photodiodes Passivated with SiO2/SiNx. In: SENSORS, vol. 21. ISSN 1424-8220
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