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EUMW2021 Student Design Competition Prize

PhDs Abbas Nasri and Motahhareh Etebsari tutored by prof.Marco Pirola successfully participated to the Design Student Contest kept on Jan 2021 during the EUMW2021, the most important European Conference on Microwave.

The competition consisted in designing a hybrid power amplifier for wireless communications with given specifics and adopting a common and fixed active GaN Cree HEMT device.

The winning of the competition to be decided according to the best performance in terms of the classical power amplifier figures of merit: output power, efficiency, gain and linearity.

Abbas Nasri and Motahhareh Etebsari fully designed a microstrip Doherty Power Amplifier on a Roger substrate.

Their prototype outperformed those of the other competitors and their efforts were eventually rewarded with the first prize of 1500 US$ made available by the prize sponsor MAURY Microwave.