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Angarano, Simone; Mazzia, Vittorio; Salvetti, Francesco; Fantin, Giovanni; Chiaberge, ... (2021)
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Mazzia, Vittorio; Salvetti, Francesco; Aghi, Diego; Chiaberge, Marcello (2021)
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Chiaberge, Marcello; Fantin, Giovanni; Salvetti, Francesco; Mazzia, Vittorio; Sutera, ... (2021)
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Boschi, Anna; Salvetti, Francesco; Mazzia, Vittorio; Chiaberge, Marcello (2020)
A Cost-Effective Person-Following System for Assistive Unmanned Vehicles with Deep Learning at the Edge. In: MACHINES, vol. 8, pp. 49-67. ISSN 2075-1702 Download fulltext
Salvetti, Francesco; Mazzia, Vittorio; Khaliq, Aleem; Chiaberge, Marcello (2020)
Multi-Image Super Resolution of Remotely Sensed Images Using Residual Attention Deep Neural Networks. In: REMOTE SENSING, vol. 12. ISSN 2072-4292 Download fulltext
Mazzia, Vittorio; Daneshgaran, Fred; Mondin, Marina (2020)
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Aghi, Diego; Mazzia, Vittorio; Chiaberge, Marcello (2020)
Local Motion Planner for Autonomous Navigation in Vineyards with a RGB-D Camera-Based Algorithm and Deep Learning Synergy. In: MACHINES, vol. 8. ISSN 2075-1702 Download fulltext
Mazzia, Vittorio; Comba, Lorenzo; Khaliq, Aleem; Chiaberge, Marcello; Gay, Paolo (2020)
UAV and Machine Learning Based Refinement of a Satellite-Driven Vegetation Index for Precision Agriculture. In: SENSORS, vol. 20. ISSN 1424-8220 Download fulltext
Mazzia, Vittorio; Khaliq, Aleem; Salvetti, Francesco; Chiaberge, Marcello (2020)
Real-Time Apple Detection System using Embedded Systems with Hardware Accelerators: an Edge AI Application. In: IEEE ACCESS, vol. 8, pp. 9102-9114. ISSN 2169-3536 Download fulltext
Mazzia, Vittorio; Tartaglia, Angelo; Chiaberge, Marcello; Gandini, Dario (2019)
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Mazzia, Vittorio; Khaliq, Aleem; Chiaberge, Marcello (2019)
Improvement in Land Cover and Crop Classification based on Temporal Features Learning from Sentinel-2 Data Using Recurrent-Convolutional Neural Network (R-CNN). In: APPLIED SCIENCES, vol. 10, pp. 238-260. ISSN 2076-3417 Download fulltext
Khaliq, Aleem; Mazzia, Vittorio; Chiaberge, Marcello (2019)
Refining satellite imagery by using UAV imagery for vineyard environment: A CNN Based approach. In: 2019 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry (MetroAgriFor), pp. 25-29. ISBN: 978-1-7281-3611-0
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