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Vallone, Marco; Tibaldi, Alberto; Bertazzi, Francesco; Palmieri, Andrea; Alasio, Matteo; ... (2020)
Next-generation long-wavelength infrared detector arrays: competing technologies and modeling challenges. In: Integrated Optics / Righini G. C., Ferrari M., London, IET, pp. 265-294. ISBN: 9781839533433 Download fulltext
Tibaldi, Alberto; Gullino, Alberto; Montoya, Jesus Gonzalez; Alasio, Matteo; Larsson, ... (2020)
Modeling Tunnel Junctions for VCSELs: A Self-Consistent NEGF-DD Approach. In:, Online conference, September 2020, pp. 67-68. ISBN: 978-1-7281-6086-3 Download fulltext
Palmieri, A.; Shafiee, A.; Alasio, M. G. C.; Tibaldi, A.; Ghione, G.; Bertazzi, F.; ... (2020)
Enhanced dynamic properties of Ge-on-Si mode-evolution waveguide photodetectors. In: 20th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices (NUSOD 2020), Online conference, September 2020, pp. 27-28. ISBN: 978-1-7281-6086-3 Download fulltext
Tibaldi, Alberto; Gonzalez Montoya, Jesus Alberto; Alasio, Matteo G. C.; Gullino, ... (2020)
Analysis of Carrier Transport in Tunnel-Junction Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers by a Coupled Nonequilibrium Green’s Function–Drift-Diffusion Approach. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, vol. 14. ISSN 2331-7019 Download fulltext
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