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Vallero, Greta; Renga, Daniela; Meo, Michela; Ajmone Marsan, Marco (2020)
Processing ANN Traffic Predictions for RAN Energy Efficiency. In: 23rd International ACM Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWIM 2020), pp. 235-244. ISBN: 9781450381178 Download fulltext
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Vallero, G.; Renga, D.; Meo, M.; Marsan, M. A. (2019)
Greener RAN operation through machine learning. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORK AND SERVICE MANAGEMENT. ISSN 1932-4537 Download fulltext
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Mobile Small Cells for Adaptive RAN Densification: Preliminary Throughput Results. In: WCNC 2019
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Nordio, Alessandro; Tarable, Alberto; Leonardi, Emilio; AJMONE MARSAN, Marco Giuseppe (2018)
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Mellia, Marco; Ajmone Marsan, Marco Giuseppe; Safari Khatouni, Ali; Rejaie, Reza (2018)
Deadline-Constrained Content Upload from Multihomed Devices: Formulations and Algorithms. In: COMPUTER NETWORKS, vol. 142, pp. 76-92. ISSN 1389-1286 Download fulltext
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