Microwave Electronics Laboratory

This lab has a long tradition in microwave linear and non-linear measurements. From 1982, when the first Network Analyzer was acquired, many important achievements were established, starting from the active loop technique for load tuning, to the generalized multiport calibration theory and to the most recent differential load-pull system.

Nowadays, MWL counts four Network Analyzers (covering the 0.1-40 GHz bandwidth), a four-port Network Analyzer extension, two Spectrum Analyzers (in the 0-26.5 GHz bandwidth), two microwave probe stations, several multi-octave power amplifiers covering the 0.8-18 GHz bandwidth, two active loops for active load-pull, four manual tuners, several RF and microwave CW and modulated signal sources, microwave power meters, and generic low frequency instrumentation (signal generators, oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, power supplies).

Microwave characterization facilities managed by the group can also be found in the PhotonLab laboratory and in the CERCOM laboratory at Istituto Boella.

Type Research laboratory
Site Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, -Torino
The laboratory is located on the fourth floor of the DET/Cittadella
Phone +39 011 564 4113