SCUQIS – Secure Communication Using Quantum Information Systems

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Study and implementation of coding in higher-dimension (d>2) Hilbert spaces (qudits, hyper-entanglement), namely: 
    1. Experimental generation, investigation, and application of two-photon states entangled in more than one parameter; 
    2. Generating multimode states for quantum information (ququarts based on polarization-frequency entangled photons); 
    3. Theoretical and experimental search for multi-photon entanglement.
  • Study of the propagation of non-classical states and security of protocols, namely: 
    1. Study of the effect of propagation through a fiber on two-photon entanglement; 
    2. Study of free-space transmission and atmospheric effects; 
    3. Investigation of the security of quantum communication protocols in higher dimensions in a realistic operative situation.

The joint research will be carried out by four teams, two of them mostly providing experimental part of the program (INRIM-Turin, Moscow University and Kiev Institute) and the other focusing on numerical studies (California State Univ., Los Angeles and Politecnico di Torino). All the teams have considerable background in quantum optics; in particular, during the last five years there has been intensive collaboration between the teams of Turin and Moscow in the field of two-photon light generation and investigation. 

Class International project
Status Completed (18/12/2014)
Type Consulting and Research Contracts
NATO Science For Peace Project
Lenght 24 months
Management Politecnico di Torino
  • Lomonosov State University (Moscow, Russia)
  • Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics (Kiev, Ucraina)
  • I.N.R.I.IM.- Istituto Nazionale di RIcerca Metrologica  (Torino, Italy)
  • CE Dept., California State University, Los Angeles (US).
Budget 280,000 euros
Web site Project site