PRIN ROAD-NGN – Research Project on New Generation Optical Networks

The project ROAD-NGN aims at the study, design and characterization of novel Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)- and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)-based optical access architectures which enable the unbundling of the local loop (ULL), with test-bed demonstrations. Different methods of assigning OFDM subcarriers and WDM wavelengths are evaluated, as well as procedures for a possible change of network operator; we investigate techniques to convey broadcast and multicast services, the transmission of High Definition (HD) television signals, the migration from existing copper-based solutions, the energy consumption for green solutions. The regulations established by the Italian Communications Authority (AGCOM) are taken into account, in terms of architectures, services and ways of granting unbundled access.
The optimal sharing of the existing infrastructures and an efficient access management will allow the deployment of a national NGAN compatible with the Digital Agenda, with a much lower cost than it has been estimated nowadays.
The ROAD-NGN project also includes, as a case-study, the new optical access network of the historical downtown L'Aquila, which still is to be rebuilt after the destructive earthquake of April 6th 2009. We hope that this reconstruction will be an opportunity to experiment new infrastructures for a smart and human scale town.

Class National project
Status Completed (31/12/2014)
Type PRIN (Research Programmes of National Interest)
Lenght 36 months

Università degli Studi ROMA TRE

  • Università degli Studi ROMA TRE
  • Università degli Studi de L'AQUILA
  • Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e Perfezionamento Sant'Anna
  • Università degli Studi di PADOVA
  • Università degli Studi di ROMA "Tor Vergata"
  • Politecnico di MILANO
Budget 840,000 euros
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