FABULOUS -FDMA Access By Using Low-cost Optical network Units in Silicon photonics

A flexible architecture compatible with current infrastructures and low cost components based on silicon photonics:  the keys for mass Fiber-To-The-Home ultra-broadband deployment using FDMA-PON architectures.

FABULOUS - picture The European Project FABULOUS (FDMA Access By Using Low-cost Optical network Units in Silicon photonics) was conceived in order to develop new components in Silicon Photonics for application in next-generation passive optical networks, and in particular in a WDM/FDMA PON architectures based on reflective ONU.

The main objective in FABULOUS is demonstrating a cost- and energy-effective PON architecture starting for example from the requirements set by a group of relevant operators for Next-Generation PON (NG-PON2) by addressing both the component level (through a potentially very low cost Silicon Photonic ONU) and the system level (through a network architecture that allows each ONU to handle only its dedicated data traffic, and not the full aggregated bit rate, as in other NG-PON2 proposals), and based on these to deliver an even more future-proof architecture. 

Class International project
Status Completed (30/09/2016)
Type European Research Projects
Lenght 36 months
  • SMB (management Coordinator)
  • POLITO (Scientific Coordinator)

The FABULOUS consortium comprises academic institutions, small and medium size enterprises, research centers and telecom operators.:

  • Two universities (Politecnico di Torino and University of Pavia)
  • Three applied research institutions (Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, CEA-LETI and Tyndall National Institute)
  • An incumbent telecom operator (France Telecom)
  • An industrial research laboratory (III-V)
  • A major semiconductor company (STMicroelectronics)
Budget Approx. 3.6 millions euros
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