GILT - Galileo Iniziative for Local Technologies

Aim of the project is the design of the Galileo Local Elements (LE). The NavSAS group is involved in the study and design of Interference detection methods based on signal processing approaches for the LE receivers.

Status Completed (31/12/2005)
Type European Research Projects
Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU – I call)
Lenght 24 months

Thales ATM Ltd.

  • Thales ATM GmbH
  • Alcatel Space
  • Thales Research & Technology Ltd
  • Kongsberg Seatex SA
  • EADS Astrium GmbH
  • Esys Plc
  • Alenia Spazio
  • Indra Espacio SA
  • EADS Astrium Ltd
  • Kayser Threde GmbH
  • GMV SA
  • INECO Espacio SA
  • DFS GmbH