GAL-PMI - Anticipating GALileo: Products and Services to Support Mobility and Security

The GAL-PMI Project, funded by Regione Piemonte, foresees the development of innovative applications based on the use of the position information, obtained by means of GPS/Galileo receivers. The aim of the GAL-PMI project is to boost R&D, innovation and the transfer of technology to companies and to the manufacturing system in Piemonte, in the context of satellite navigation. The project is promoted by the GAL-PMI Consortium and the Torino Time Consortium, which signed a legal agreement bringing together 22 scientific and industrial partners. The GAL-PMI Project has developed prototype solutions in the following application areas:

  • GAL-PMI picture Road: optimised management of restricted traffic area access and payment, road monitoring
  • Emergency and Crisis Management: management of emergency fleets and teams, mountain tourism and safe steward
  • Finance: secure cardless payments

The applications rely on a technological infrastructure, which includes the following prototype components:

  • User Terminal
  • Local Element
  • Application Middleware

These solutions make use of the most innovative localisation techniques based on satellite navigation systems and terrestrial cellular networks, with particular emphasis on Galileo.

Within the project the Navigation Lab is in charge of developing a new architecture of user terminals and local elements that will lead to the realization of the identified services.

Class National project
Status Completed (30/07/2008)
Type Research Projects Supported by Structural and National Funds
Lenght 24 months

Fondazione Torino Wireless


Regione Piemonte

Budget 5.5 millions euros
Web site Project site
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