ATENEA - Advanced Techniques For Navigation Receivers And Applications

ATENEA - picture

The ATENEA project aimed to join deeply integrated GNSS/INS receiver architectures and LIDAR techniques to provide an advanced navigation solution. The approach is suitable for a wide range of surveying applications in difficult environments, being Urban Mapping selected as reference case.

ATENEA tackled the most challenging issues of this type of applications, showing how the use of Galileo signals, integrated positioning and observable processing can in one shot solve the more severe technical issues (robustness and continuity), increase accuracy and drastically reduce the system cost

The following technologies were investigated within ATENEA to overcome these problems:

  • Deeply coupled GNSS/INS receiver design
  • Galileo signals capabilities
  • Integrated GNSS/INS/LIDAR navigation filter. 
Class International project
Status Completed (14/01/2012)
Type European Research Projects
Lenght 24 months

DEIMOS Space (Spain)

  • DEIMOS Space (Spain)
  • Institute of Geomatics (Spain)
  • DEIMOS Engenharia (Portugal)
  • GeoNumerics (Spain)
  • TopScan (Germany)
Budget 812,000 euros