MAESS - Development of a Standardized Modular Platform for Low-Cost Nano and Micro Satellites and Applications to Low-Cost Space Missions and to Galileo

The project aims at developing a standard modular platform for low-cost satellites and the associated technologies, methods, infrastructures and services.

The proposed platform, which shall be composed of a number of pre-assembled and pretested subsystems and the corresponding ground infrastructure and services, should allow wide industrial and academic communities to access the steadily growing space market at a much more affordable cost. Possible mission scenarios will be analyzed, among which: commercial, scientific, environment protection and public safety missions.

The platform will be used as a low cost demonstrator of a novel localization algorithm based on the solution of relativistic equations. The principle, which is well known to the physicists, has never been tested in practice, because of the high development costs of satellites.

This activity aims at developing a fleet of satellites at a very affordable cost, to prove the effectiveness of the considered principle.

Class National project
Status Completed (30/11/2011)
Type Research Projects Supported by Structural and National Funds
Lenght 36 months
Management Politecnico di Torino

Local SMEs (Neohm Componenti, Spin Electronics, Sky Technology)


Regione Piemonte

Budget 999,000 euros