Susceptibility of low voltage CMOS digital core to EMI

Common microprocessors and microcontrollers usually include analog and mixed signals blocks, input/output circuits and a huge fully digital core block to which is demanded data elaboration and which usually takes electric energy from an independent power supply net. This choice is usually done in order to minimize the crosstalk between noisy circuits like the digital core and susceptible circuits like analog-to-digital converters.

Because of the actual trend in integrated circuit (IC) technology to reduce the core power supply, the associated noise margins have also been reduced leading to increase sensitivity to interference. Furthermore, susceptibility to electromagnetic (EM) interference is expecting to became even worse since microcontrollers are even more employed in hostile EM environment.

This research activity deals with the immunity of digital circuits to EM interference and it is aimed to investigate the origins of both static and dynamic errors as well as to identify high-immunity design solutions.

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