Susceptibility of analog and digital front-end to electromagnetic interference

Integrated circuits (ICs) are widely used in equipment operating in environments affected by a high degree of electromagnetic (EM) pollution, such as automotive and industrial systems and their susceptibility to EM interference has become a major concern for electronic designers. Disturbances collected by board traces and cables, in facts, reach IC terminals in the form of undesired radio-frequency (RF) currents or voltages that adversely affect the operation of circuits integrated on silicon. In this context, a key role is played by the immunity of analog and digital front-end like digital transceiver, analog acquisition channel ADC, switched capacitor amplifiers and filters.

This research activity is aimed to investigate EMI-induced nonlinear effects in such kinds of analog and digital front-ends in order to define design rules and architectural solutions that make integrated circuits reliable when employed in high polluted environment.

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