RF and microwave measurement systems for linear and non linear active devices

The need of deeper insight in new active devices for wireless (handset and basestation) applications is strongly felt in the scientific community, with the purpose of optimizing critical technological steps, and giving hints for the establishment of new technologies. To perform such investigations, the development of RF and microwave on-wafer measurement systems able to give all possible information on the devices under consideration is mandatory.

Large breakdown voltage devices, such as GaN, deliver larger output power, and the test set-ups must be properly designed for high power handling. The now common use of wideband complex modulations introduce issues concerning the measurement of RF and microwave performances, the adjacent channel power ratio, and the realization of wide band variable loads.

Moreover, the relatively recent spread of differential devices in handsets and base stations, has triggered the need for non-linear multiport characterization, which is beyond the current state-of-art, and seen as the next frontier in large signal microwave measurements.

Power levels available from new technological process (e.g. GaN based devices) the characterization framework needs to be modified according to the new specs in terms of hardware and software instrumentations. For these reason the microwave labs has been refurbished quit new equipment suitable to handle this kind of RF and microwave signal (e.g. high power DC supply 100 V 15 A, high power bias tees, power terminations and attenuators).

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