Radar system engineering

The group of Radar System Engineering is active in the design, optimization and prototyping of radar systems for different applications up to the frequency of 110 GHz.

The team routinely carries out the following activities:

  • Antenna system design (beam forming techniques and modulation schemes integration)
  • Circuit design (antenna system and RF chipset integration)
  • Full measurement of equipment in our laboratory and anechoic chamber
  • Embedded radar signal processing (detection, classification and tracking techniques)
  • System design simulation
  • System verification and validation methodologies


Since two decades, the group works in radar system design, optimization and prototyping. Among the system already deployed, we can list:

  • Intrusion detection radars for obtaining target position/speed and for target classification
  • Radar for small objects detection across perimeters
  • Traffic radars: vehicles classification, range position, direction of movement, speed, lane
  • Radar for the detection of unwanted emissions
  • Automotive radars for automatic cruise control and emergency brake assist
  • Centimeter real time positioning system
  • Guided radar based on buried leaky cables and optical fibers
  • Harmonic radar for ultra-small and ultra-light passive tags tracking
  • Synthetic aperture radars data processor

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