Quantum Dot and Dash semiconductor materials, laser and optical amplifier design and simulation

The group is mainly active on the modeling and design of semiconductor light emitting devices grown with nanostructure materials. This activity started about 6 years ago in the framework of two European Projects which led to the realization of quantum dash lasers at 1.55 μm for telecom applications and quantum dot superluminescent diodes at 1.3 μm for medical applications.  The group is active on:

  • Numerical modeling of the electro-optical properties of semiconductor InAs/GaAs quantum dot and InAs/InP quantum dash materials
  • Analysis and design of Super luminescent diodes, lasers and optical amplifiers realized in quantum dot or quantum dash materials

The group has developed various simulation tools devoted to the calculation of the gain, refractive index and spontaneous emission spectra of inhomogeneously broadened nano-structure materials such as quantum dot materials grown by Strasky-Ktrastanov process. The results obtained by this analysis are then used to simulate the optoelectronic devices. The models developed are based on a multi-population rate equation approach and allow to calculate static (P-I, tunability) and dynamic (modulation response, chirp, small and large signal dynamic, self pulsations) characteristic of light sources and optical amplifiers.

On this topic we have published 37 articles in international reviews and presented 67 papers at various conferences.

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