Microwave imaging systems

Microwave Imaging (MWI) has been used extensively to image dielectric bodies due to the fact that microwave radiation can penetrate into many optically opaque mediums such as living systems. In particular, MWI can be used to exploit the differences in dielectric properties of human tissues. The tissues are illuminated with low-power electromagnetic (EM) waves at microwave frequencies, radiated by a set of antennas surrounding the tissues. The resulting scattered EM waves are recorded by the same antennas and processed with suitable algorithms to translate them into an image, which allows to locate targets and/or distinguish tissues (based on their estimated dielectric properties).

The Applied Electromagnetics group is currently involved in the development and prototyping of microwave imaging systems for two main applications: breast cancer and brain anomalies detection. In particular, the research group has developed computational tools to model the whole MWI system (without any approximation) by using advanced Finite Element Method (FEM) and Method of Moment (MoM), and it has realized a microwave imaging system prototype for experimental testing.

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