TIGER - Trusted Innovative GNSS Receiver

The TIGER project addressed the development of a highly innovative security platform and target application exploiting current and future  GNSS as well as augmentations systems such as EGNOS. In order to leverage the power of GNSS for access control and position attestation applications, it is necessary to develop a GNSS receiver technology able to provide an acceptable level of intractability towards  known and future attacks. Development of such technology not only provides a platform for the target mass-market application, an access  control token, but also ensures development of European intellectual property that can be leveraged for a myriad of security applications and future research, presenting significant market opportunity. The team of Politecnico di Torino was involved in the development of algorithms for interference detection and mitigation.

Ambito Progetto internazionale
Stato Concluso (30/04/2011)
Tipologia Progetti di Ricerca Europei
GNSS Supervisory Authority
Durata 24 mesi

QASCOM (Italy)

  • QASCOM (Italy)
  • Acorde (Spain)
  • Cambridge University (UK)