Satellite and space communications

The SPC Group is and has been involved in the analysis and design of classic satellite communications (mainly in collaboration with ESA/ESOC and ASI) and in the study of communication systems based on High Altitude Platforms (HAPs).

The team is actively involved in consultancy contracts with ESA (both ESTEC and ESOC). In the frame of generation of a CCSDS recommendation on simultaneous transmission of telemetry and ranging signals, the GMSK/PN system has been widely simulated and tested. Among the more recent activities, a simulator was developed to study the effects of plasma on the telemetry and tele-command signals during the re-entry phase of a vehicle from the outer space (in cooperation with Boella Institute and Prof. Vecchi of DET). 

Within this activity the team is or has been involved in the COST 297 project on HAP applications, the Integral Satellite Initiative (ISI), the Satnex I and Satnex II Networks of Excellence, and the PICPOT and ARAMIS projects for the development of a university pico-satellite, and three PRIN projects. One Special Issue has been organized by the team on this topic.

The team has also been involved in satellite and HAP channel modeling, both for classic RF communications and for single photon based transmission. The topic of satellite channel modeling for single photon communications and of quantum communications has been developed in collaboration with I.N.RI.M., the Fiber Optics Laboratory of the California State University, the Moscow M.V. Lomonosov University, and the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Bologna. More information on this research topic can be found on this site.

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