Low-cost, short reach optical systems for Plastic Optical Fibers (POF)

The Optical Communications (OPTCOM) Group is also very active in the field of very short reach (hundreds of meters) and low-cost optical systems based on plastic optical fibers (POF). This is one of the most recent activities of the group, but has already led to very good results thanks to the coordination of two related European research project on POF. The group has developed a large expertise on POF, an optical transmission medium that has very peculiar characteristics with respect to the more well-known glass optical fibers. POF low cost and resilience are anyway extremely interesting in some short reach applications, such as in industrial automation and in next-generation home networking.

More information on the OPTCOM's activities on POF can be found in the web pages of the EU STREP project coordinated by Prof. Roberto Gaudino, titled POF-ALL and POF-PLUS.

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